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The importance in locating cables

Locating cables is a small cost to pay.

Investing a small amount in locating cables can avoid potential hazards and complications down the line and is worth every penny.

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NZ Trade Group reaches the 275 members milestone.

NZ Trade Group Hits 275 Members!

We love hitting milestones, especially when they look like this! 🚀
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Top Tier Speaker

Merry Christmas promotion!

Merry Christmas message with a blatant promotion, for one lucky winner in the South Waikato area.
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Dorenal Electrical vehicle signage

Another big shout out…

Another shout out to Christopher Parker and Tanui Press. Great job with the sign writing on the Ute. Thanks very much!
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Dorenal Electrical Signage

New sign up today!

Thanks very much to Tanui Press and Christopher Parker for an amazing job with our new sign.
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Data Logging and Power Analysis

New Data Logging and Power Analysis service

As off today we are able to proudly announce our new data logging and power analysis service, helping us nail down those tricky intermittent faults, ...
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